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Every building, every management company, every contractor has a different process, procedure, and method of operating. Unfortunately, they often skip steps that cost you time and money.

Our Goal is to educate you on the most significant and common mistakes that cost consumers time and money when taking on a construction project. There is so much to be aware of/research before entering a renovation in our great city.

We realize we might not be the right fit for every project, but at the same time we’re eager to be a resource and help educate New Yorkers so they’re better prepared to hire the most suitable company for their projects.

We also offer complimentary consulting calls to hear about your project and lead you in the right direction. Feel free to call us with any questions related to New York City Design and Construction.

What is Design Build Execute?

Design Build Execute is a business model and process that was created by SmartDesign to help clients eliminate countless mistakes

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